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Multi-Cell DECT

Are you looking for a true enterprise-grade wireless phone system for your business where wi-fi service is not an option? Spectralink offers IP-DECT – the ultimate solution for providing secure and reliable communications for deskless workers.

Our multi-cell configuration keeps your team connected even when they’re roaming to other departments, floors or even other buildings with smooth and imperceptible hand-offs from one cell to the next. The technology is completely scalable, allowing you to grow your private network to 20,000 users. Our solution integrates seamlessly with leading UCaaS vendors including Microsoft Teams, Cisco, RingCentral and ZoomPhone.

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Benefits of Spectralink Enterprise DECT Solutions

manufacturing workers

We offer:

  • Integration and partnership with all leading UC platforms
  • A constant reliable connection for your workforce regardless of site size and complexity
  • Built-in safety alarms and alerts that protect workers
  • The highest level of DECT security available for safeguarding your end-user and corporate data
  • AMIE® Device Analytics and our Virtual DECT Server to better manage installation, configuration and maintenance of on-site equipment

Extending UCaaS to deskless workers

As your organization transitions to unified communications, you can ensure your deskless workers are provided with the same set of tools as your office and remote workers. Make the most of communication features and functionality of your DECT solution with Spectralink’s certified, interoperable integrations across all leading UC platforms.

Microsoft Teams
Zoom Phone


Migration Experts

As experts in migration, we can support you through your digital transformation journey making it easier to migrate from legacy PBX/DECT phone systems and on-premise phone systems to a centralized, cloud-based UCaaS solution like Microsoft Teams, without requiring a costly and lengthy re-cabling project.

Mobile Application Partners

Our partnership with the world’s leading application providers expands the capabilities of our DECT handsets. This helps empower deskless workers to enhance customer and patient care, improve workflow efficiency, and increase productivity.

Mobile Application Partners

DECT servers scale as your business grows

Our IP and Virtual DECT servers in a cloud environment are scalable up to 100,000 users to meet your organization’s needs now and in the future. We offer a range of servers for businesses of all sizes that can easily integrate with existing phone systems, including both on-premise and hosted/cloud calling/UCaaS platforms. In addition, our system integrates with alarms/messaging platforms and many third-party applications.


VIP-DECT Server One
Enterprise-wide DECT connectivity at scale



IP-DECT Server 6500
On-site mobility for mid-to-large enterprises



IP-DECT Server 400
On-site DECT mobility for small and medium-sized businesses



IP-DECT Server 200
Single-cell DECT mobility solution for small business and remote sites



DECT Server 8000
Modular and customizable DECT on-site mobility solution for medium to large enterprises


DECT base stations and infrastructure

Base stations and additional infrastructure ensure coverage across your entire footprint. By installing multiple DECT or IP-DECT base stations across your site, you’ll ensure a vast wireless coverage area with seamless call handover and roaming. Other infrastructure, including repeaters and external antennas, may also be installed to further extend coverage across your entire site.

Spectralink IP-DECT Base Station

DECT handsets meet the needs of deskless workers


77 Series
Premium handsets with enhanced responsiveness and safety features for healthcare, energy and utilities, and nuclear power plants



76 Series
Durable and ruggedized handsets with enhanced personal safety features for manufacturing and industrial environments



75 Series
Feature-rich handsets for administrative office personnel



Reliable DECT office handset for small and medium-sized businesses



72 Series
Durable, robust and practical handsets for industries like retail and hospitality


Take the guesswork out of monitoring your DECT system

AMIEAMIE Advanced for IP-DECT is a cloud-based solution management platform for IT and telecom administrators to monitor IP-DECT servers, base stations and handsets across large, multi-site deployments. AMIE also provides centralized provisioning, detailed analytics of system performance, automated and scheduled tasks, and proactive alerts when the infrastructure needs attention.

Specialized DECT solutions

  • Need a DECT solution for your small office? We offer the Nano Express as an entry-level DECT solution.
  • Need advanced safety features for your working environment? We have partnered with Funktel ATEX and Tetronik to provide this integrated functionality.

Ideal for managed service providers

Managed Services

Service providers can offer Spectralink multi-cell DECT as a service to corporate clients, plus provide remote support with centralized management through AMIE.

Spectralink Professional Services

Professional Services

Our robust professional services team helps design, deploy, manage and optimize your DECT solution. The experience and knowledge of our services team is what makes us different — we work tirelessly to reduce risk and complexity, lower costs and accelerate time-to-value for our customers.

Keeping You Connected

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