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Technology Details


• Customize the handset with thirdparty applications
• Delivers exceptional voice quality without any background noise, echo, delay, or interruptions
• Resistant to drops and shocks making the handsets more durable
• Allows mobile employees to work more efficiently with extendedbattery life and quick recharging

The Spectralink 7202 and 7212 wireless DECT handsets are designed for dependability and increased mobility in specialized working environments. The functionalities of these robust and practical handsets makes them a dependable working tool for personnel within industries such as retail and hospitality. Moreover, the flexible menu structure allows the handsets to be customized to specific vertical markets.

Spectralink 7202 Handset

The Spectralink 7202 is a robust, well-designed, practical, and price-competitive handset that meets the demands for mobility and is built for dependability in rough working environments.

Spectralink 7212 Handset

The Spectralink 7212 extends the capabilities of the Spectralink 7202. With speakerphone and vibrate mode and the possibility of attaching a wired headset, it allows users to enjoy hands-free mobility.

Spectralink 7202, 7212

• Color display
• Date and time in display*
• Auto key lock
• 12 different ringtones and adjustable ring volume
• Special ring tones for noisy environments
• Auto login – roaming between two different installations
• Auto-answer (B-answer)
• Alarm key – ready for alarm application**
• Alarm key speed dial
• Caller ID
• Telephone book with 50 entries
• Call list of incoming/missed/received calls (up to 40 calls)
• Text message
• LED indication of incoming and unanswered calls
• Full Slot DECT radio
• Software Update Over The Air (SUOTA)
• Configuration Over The Air (COTA)*
• 15 menu languages (UK, FR, DE, ES, IT, NL, CZ, PL, DK, NO, SV, FI, PT, RU, TR)
• Subscriptions supported: 2

Spectralink 7212 Additional Features
• Headset jack
• Speaker on auto-answer
• Loud speaking/handsfree
• Vibrating alert

* System-dependent feature. See Feature Reference Guide on support pages at for details.
** Application dependent feature.

72 Series Chargers and Accessories

Complete your communication solution with 75 Series chargers and accessories. Spectralink offers versatile charging options, including multi-battery chargers and dual chargers.

Single Charger

•AC powered Single Charger without USB for charging one handset and one battery
• The charger with USB port is used only for maintenance and service (i.e., for
upgrading handset firmware)

Dual Charger

• AC powered Dual Charger without USB for charging one handset and one battery
• The charger with USB port is used only for maintenance and service (i.e., for
upgrading handset firmware)

Belt Clip

• With Belt Clip connector
• Easy to clip on and off the handset
• The Belt Clip and mounting screw are included

Belt Clip Connector

• Connects the handset to the Belt Clip

Leather Pouch

• With handle or connector for Belt Clip
• Protect the handset from dust, water, and scratches


• Breakaway connection
• Carry the handset around your neck

Battery Cover Replacement

•  Available in Black, Cool Gray, and Yellow

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