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Technology Details

The Spectralink IP-DECT Server 400 has a built-in DECT radio Base Station and can be deployed in either single – cell or a multi-cell configuration. The solution is extremely easy to deploy and install due to extensive provisioning options and intuitive menu structure.

The IP-DECT Server 400 supports Zero-Touch provisioning, easy remote configuration, scheduled firmware roll out support as well as VLAN tagging. When there is a need for more users or coverage of a larger area or multiple locations, the solution can be upgraded to a multi-cell solution, supporting up to 9 additional IP-DECT Base Stations and up to 60 users.

By using the right optional license keys, businesses can design and configure the Spectralink IP-DECT Server 400 to support their exact business needs.

Spectralink IP-DECT Server 400 supports the Spectralink external antenna*, which is an ideal choice for expanding coverage or creating synchronization over the air in normally inaccessible areas such as freezing rooms, long corridors, or cruise ships.

The IP-DECT Server 400 optionally supports handset sharing – typically required in businesses that require different shift workers to use the same DECT handset.

Secure messaging, alerting, alarming as well as integration with advanced business productivity applications are all possible with Eco-System application partner solutions.

The solution is ideal for empowering the staff in retail markets, such as stores, petrol stations, car dealerships, fast-food chains, retail banks, as well as smaller health care locations such as clinics, dental or medical offices, pharmacies and other small businesses.

  • Spectralink external antennas are the only approved antenna for the Spectralink IP-DECT Server 400. Connecting 3rd party external antennas is not supported and will not

  • Supports 60 Users & 24 simultaneous calls
  • Interoperable with market leading Call Control and Unified Communications (UC/UCaaS) platforms
  • Scalable & upgradable as capacity & business needs grow
  • Delivers high-quality and secure voice communication
  • Increases functionality and business efficiency by integrating with Eco-System application partner solutions
  • Supports enterprise grade security & management
  • Supports DECT Enhanced Security (Encryption)
  • Supports repeaters & external antenna to expand coverage
  • Allows for Automatic Air or LAN (Local Area Network) Sync
  • As Multi-Cell, supports 10 IP-Base Stations for expanded radio coverage (1 Built-in)
  • Can be installed in multiple locations to ensure mobility for geographically distributed enterprise businesses
  • Automatic Alarm function to get quick assistance from colleagues
  • Supports entire Spectralink DECT Handset product portfolio

IP-DECT Server 400 Datasheet

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