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Eliminate a critical mobility deployment risk

Get it right the first time with Spectralink Design. Choose Spectralink to optimize your network, ensure exceptional voice quality, plus maximum performance of all other wireless applications in the process. Don’t take unnecessary risks by installing voice and other critical applications on an inadequately prepared wireless network. The results can be disastrous—with system instability, poor voice quality and user frustration.

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As the leaders in in-building wireless telephony, Spectralink is uniquely positioned to guide you through the design process and minimize risks associated with your wireless network deployment.

Benefits of Spectralink’s Design Services

  • Global services network – Rely on consistent, quality support from a worldwide infrastructure
  • Expert technical resources – Consultations and designs from the best technicians in the industry
  • Thorough and accurate evaluation – Costly mistakes avoided with the right upfront investment
  • Comprehensive services portfolio – Choose from a broad, flexible range of offerings to meet your needs
  • Satisfied customers – With dependable high quality applications, right from initial rollout
  • Service backed by Spectralink’s Performance Promise: Optimize network coverage, throughput and configuration

What we offer:

Consult – Examine First, Design Later

We do your homework. It’s a critical first step. Before we recommend a network design, Spectralink will study your workflow, business requirements and operational objectives.

Network Design Services

Wireless network design services are recommended for all Spectralink wireless systems. These services are also helpful when expanding or relocating existing customer systems. Spectralink’s Wireless Design Service factors environmental impacts on radio frequency propagation characteristics so that the wireless network is correctly designed before implementation to provide optimal support for wireless voice and data clients.


A site survey helps identify where voice services are required and the appropriate locations for the Spectralink base stations, based on coverage, signal strength. The design services also review any network requirements for cabling and power access along with any potential for radio reflections and interference.


  • Review network design
  • Assess current wireless network coverage reliability
  • Design for voice traffic
  • Future proof your network

Align and activate your solution

When it’s time to deploy your wireless solution, call on the experts at Spectralink.  We help put your plan into action with a thorough implementation process that includes configuring, implementing, and testing all aspects of your technical environment. We also provide comprehensive training to help prepare and position your employees for mobile success —you can depend on us.

Rely on Spectralink to implement your entire solution or parts of it. Depending on your needs and resources, we offer professional onsite services whether you’re starting from scratch, relocating gear or adding equipment. Our Installation team ensures that all your requirements are configured, deployed and completed according to a mutually agreed upon timeframe.

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Benefits of Spectralink’s Deployment Services

  • Expert technical resources – Installation, validation and support from the best technicians in the industry
  • Minimize deployment costs – Experts with proven implementation methodology
  • Maximize internal resources – Dedicated Project Manager to oversee the implementation
  • Global services team – Consistent, quality support from a worldwide infrastructure

What we offer:

Project Management – Translate your requirements into a clear plan of action

Once we have an understanding of your current environment, we can map out exactly what’s required to mobilize your organization from the ground up. Identify required products, project milestones, resources, and measures of success while increasing transparency and alignment across business and technology stakeholders.

DECT On-Site Implementation Service Program

A project manager will work closely with the designated point of contact and will manage planning, development, and delivery. A Spectralink engineer will install the server and appropriate software and licenses for the DECT system. They will also conduct a full system test to validate the installation and configuration of the DECT system and handset.

Wi-Fi Device Management Services

Confidently deploy and manage your mobile assets

o EMM and Spectralink AMIE are the foundations for an efficient Versity Deployment and Administration
o AMIE Consulting/Configuration
o EMM Consulting (for a Spectralink certified EMM)
o Configure and validate one NFC card or Master device for further device configuration
o Android zero-touch setup and initial enrolment to support virtually seamless device rollouts.

Build, Provision & Testing – Proven processes to streamline  DECT deployment

o Build – Leverage a proven deployment methodology to efficiently provision and effectively commission the DECT infrastructure (BSs/Servers)
o Provision – Rely on our experience and expertise to help prepare devices for a smooth deployment
o Testing –  Integration – ensure commissioned DECT network and phones integrate with customer network and back-end systems in an E2E fashion. User Acceptance – ensure newly established DECT service phones meet user needs

Build, Provision & Testing – Proven processes to streamline  W-Fi deployment

When mobile devices arrive on site, you want to deploy them as soon as possible. Yet, setting up and optimizing new devices can take valuable time. Spectralink helps you streamline the onsite installation process, eliminating the need for your IT team to be diverted from their day-to-day tasks. We provide a variety of services:

  •  unboxing devices
  • charging batteries
  • doing inventory checks
  • tagging assets, labeling
  • installing software updates and new applications
  • completing configuration steps
  • lab and QA test

Train – Empower Efficiency

Spectralink completely understands the importance of empowering your team to maintain, troubleshoot and support your solution independently. Along with our comprehensive Maintenance support options, we can help you become subject matter experts of your Spectralink solution. With a multitude of training and certification options, ranging from onsite training to virtual classrooms or online courses.

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